Haru bringing real hiphop to the table

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Raf Simons is the only color I need in my life.

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These are the results for the 4th Yowamushi Pedal Popularity Poll, published in issue 20 of Weekly Shounen Champion:

1. Yuusuke Makishima (3576 votes)
2. Sakamichi Onoda (2418 votes)
3. Junta Teshima (1911 votes)
4. Shoukichi Naruko (1897votes)
5. JInpachi Toudou (1845 votes)
6. Yasutomo Arakita (1762 votes)
7. Shunsuke Imaizumi (1207 votes)
8. Hajime Aoyagi (1135 votes)
9. Sangaku Manami (1115 votes)
10. Wataru Watanabe (1053 votes)

The complete list, as well as the results for previous polls, is in the rest of this post.

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get to know me meme; favorite female group: Wonder Girls ♥ (4/7)
"It’s not like we have super powers, or are super talented or super beautiful, super pretty, but we have passion and we believe in ouselves." - Ye Eun

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